The travel and tourism industry is known for being incredibly collaborative. We like to help each other out. The Travel Exchange blog and podcast is Herrmann Global’s way of contributing to the conversation with industry thoughts worth sharing.

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Six Tips for the Next Six Months: The Road to Recovery for DMOs

Nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s beginning to feel like a too-long road trip. Our l...
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Five Tactics for 2021: Reboot Your International Marketing Plan

Trends to Guide Your 2021 International Marketing Plans Go West Summit hosted a digital information...
Destination Marketing, Digital Marketing, News & Events, Social Media, Thought Leadership

Riding the Second Wave: Creative Marketing Ideas for Destinations During the Pandemic

Riding the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic was a considerable adjustment for the travel marketin...
Destination Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Thought Leadership

Dancing with the Tiger: Travel Marketing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

German virologists nicknamed COVID-19 management a dance with a tiger. Mimicking how one would react...
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Opening Up Borders: Possible Scenarios for the United States

In the early stages of the response to COVID-19, officials acted quickly to curtail contagion by dec...
trash pile in Polermo Sicily
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The Pandemic Of Plastic And Trash: Ideas For Tourism Managers And Businesses

Since we have been experiencing the world’s most impactful pandemic since the Spanish Flu, we also s...
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International Marketing: Reaching European Tourists

Social media has taken over the world, making international marketing easier than ever. This means d...
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SEO For Business Growth: The Basics

Websites need traffic to be successful. Whether your business is a blog, online retail store, portfo...
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Herrmann Global Hosts Local Marketing Panel

Here at Hermann Global, we take a lot of pride in being a think tank and digital marketing leader ba...
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Introducing Untraveled

By Founder and CEO Florian Herrmann When I traveled around the world in my early 20s, I always appr...
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Webinar with the CEO

Digital marketing and destination marketing are constantly changing industries. Add to the challenge...

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