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Intelligence to attract international visitors and measure travel impact and return on investment.


Herrmann Global Tourism Insights is a performance-oriented solution for tourism brands and government organizations to take data-driven action for international market access. We align online listening, organic search patterns, social media, visitation impact, and visitor spending, along with strategy support, to transform the way you attract international travelers.

What insights do you get?

Herrmann Global Tourism Insights can provide insights through every step of the travel funnel, from awareness to purchase.  


What Type of Questions Can We Answer?

  1. What is the best international inbound market for you in terms of responsible travel?
  2. Why would visitors choose your destination over others?
  3. How do your visitors plan and book trips to your destination?
  4. What marketing budget should you allocate to be competitive internationally?
  5. Who arrives at your destination and what is your ROI?
  6. How do you implement all this and measure the results with an integrated approach?

Case Study

State of Arizona


We track live travel sentiment and conversations about Arizona from Germany, Canada, UK, Mexico and other markets.


We developed marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram, integrating tour operators and bookable packages into the purchase funnel.


We report travel impact that was influenced and non-influenced by Arizona’s global marketing efforts.


Arizona is on track to surpass its pre-pandemic visitation of 2019 by implementing these data-driven strategies, while drawing visitors from Germany, Canada, UK and Mexico into lesser crowded destinations.