Florian Herrmann

Founder & CEO

Originally from Germany, Florian came to the United States with one suitcase and one mission: finding the American Dream. Where is it? What is it? He defines the American dream by three things: walking with your eyes open, being thankful for the people you meet along the way, and refusing to settle for the average.

While studying tourism management in Italy, he learned that superior travel experiences are all about a connection to our five senses – how we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell the world around us. It is through his skills, energy, and passion for building those experiences for others that Florian has become a leader in creating innovative marketing and branding concepts for the world’s largest industry – travel.

In the United States, he gained most of his initial success by inspiring audiences and connecting travelers with dream vacations. Together with the team of the award-winning trip planning model YellowstonePark.com, he connected millions of domestic and international travelers to businesses and destinations in the Rocky Mountains. Today, he continues to be passionate about the “Power of Travel” and works to build tourism from the bottom up while empowering local stakeholders.

Florian holds a Master’s in Business and Sustainable Destination Management from George Washington University and is currently involved with tourism projects around the world.

Mary Herrmann

Co-Founder & COO

Mary is passionate about travel experiences that go the extra mile – no pun intended. Having grown up in the heart of America’s first national park, Yellowstone, in the Rocky Mountains, she has since traveled to almost all of the states and several countries in the world, including France, Germany, Italy, Egypt, and China. Such adventures have given her the chance to witness many unique tourist experiences, and to discover how visitor perceptions of destinations alter throughout the years.

Mary loves the outdoors and can often be found backpacking, rafting, and canyoneering. Our resident outdoor photography and film expert, she currently helps clients during the strategy and design process, so that they’ll find the right visuals to authentically connect a destination with its ideal visitors. Mary also works in the company’s organization, management, human resources, operations, and accounting departments.

Patricia Roos

VP Global Strategies

Patricia has always had a truly international spirit, having traveled since her early childhood and having studied, lived and worked in various countries since 2005. Throughout these years, she has gained a trilingual BSc in Tourism Management at the University of Bolzano (Italy), an MSc in Tourism Marketing at the University of Surrey (UK) and a global portfolio (i.a. in Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and England) of varying experiences within the areas of communication, education, culture, business, travel, hospitality and marketing.

In 2013, she started her own business offering language related services, amongst others in the area of marketing, continuously succeeding to support her clients in striving towards the best results. Based on all this, she is convinced that only by applying a holistic view, challenges can be successfully overcome and great results achieved.

Adam Bridgeford

Account Director

Adam comes to us from Cincinnati, OH by way of Mammoth Lakes, CA. He has 10 years of tourism industry experience, and his unique sales and business development background was brought in to enhance growth strategies and implement programs for future progress.

For the previous 10 years he has lived near Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks because of a spiritual connection to the mountain wilderness. He has a passionate desire to share these areas with anyone who has not encountered their beauty.

Casey Adams

Client Services Director

Casey joined our team with the perspective of a writer, a member of a small DMO staff, and a traveler. She supervises all ongoing projects for accuracy and delivery on time. With her experience in content creation, marketing and PR, and destination marketing, she brings insights to all aspects of our work to best serve our clients and our audiences.

Casey was born and raised in Wyoming and returned to the Equality State after attending college at Duke University. She spends her free time training for triathlon and traveling as much as she can, domestically and internationally.

Manuella Arnolin

Multilingual Social Media Strategist

Born on a tiny Caribbean island in a family of nomads, Manuella had lived in more than 20 places before she even turned 18. This forged her love and curiosity for the world we live in and its creatures. She loves scuba diving and sees herself as a beach collector with a record of 74 beaches visited in one year. She has a passion for everything that helps people learn and grow from one another, like travel… or the internet!

Social media strategist and alumnus from La Sorbonne, Manuella found her calling in social media at the early stages of the “web 2.0”. She worked with several businesses like Disney and PopSockets, and now as a part of our team, she makes sure that your message reaches your community online to help them live their best experiences offline.

Danella Myers

Marketing Director

Growing up in rural North Dakota, Danella developed an appreciation for lesser-known places. After graduating from North Dakota State University with a degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management, Danella spent over six years working for a small DMO.

Danella is excited to bring her tourism industry experience and passion for travel to the Herrmann Global team. In her free time, Danella enjoys sipping a good cup of coffee, experimenting with cooking and baking, and being outdoors.

Tobey Schmidt

Digital Content Strategist & Photographer

When Tobey moved from her roots in the Midwest to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona she found both of her passions—photography and the outdoors. Since graduating with a degree in journalism she’s specialized in photography, writing and content strategy. Tobey has had her work published with newspapers like the Arizona Daily Star, magazines like Rock and Ice (climbing), and she’s worked on assignments for the Smithsonian, Wrangler Workwear and BootBarn.

In her free time she likes to go outside and struggle up rock faces, bike downhill and fall into cacti, and last, but not least, bake muffins and then eat them all.

Sammy C.H. Li

Content Strategist China/Hong Kong

Sammy is a seasoned globetrotter whose motto is to explore at least one new country every year. His passion for exploration has earned him awards for itinerary design and a doctorate in tourism management.

From the world’s most remote inhabited island to the thriving destinations in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, Sammy has been involved in a wide range of international projects advising tourism offices and organizations on destination marketing and development.

Mathias Eichler


Mathias designs and builds clean, functional and beautiful websites. And he’s been doing that for over 2 decades. He also hosts a podcast on trail running and loves to explore the nearby mountains in Olympic and Mt. Rainier National Park. He organizes trail races and is the author of the book ‘Adventure Running’.

Another German on the Herrmann Global team, Mathias arrived in the PNW almost 20 years ago and now makes his home in Olympia, the capitol of Washington State with his wife and two kids.


Giselle Field

Creative Director
Giselle has a passion for amplifying a company’s impact through visual communication. Her career humbly began as a graphic design assistant in 2011, and has since evolved into a branding expert and creative director. She attributes her growth to her limitless attitude, patience, and desire to keep improving her skills.
Giselle was born and raised in Southern California. She executes her ambitious nature in her personal life through rock climbing and establishing first ascents in the American Southwest, Peruvian Andes, and Alaska. If she’s stuck at home, she’s either painting, reading, or baking.

Fallyn Richmond

Social Media Manager

Fallyn grew up in Riverton, Wyoming at the base of the Wind River Mountains. She attended college at Michigan State University, earning degrees in Advertising Management and Arts & Humanities. At school, Fallyn developed passions for consumer psychology, authentic storytelling, and most of all, home. After her brief stint in the Mitten state, Fallyn eagerly returned to Wyoming with a distinct affinity for lesser-known places.

In her free time, Fallyn enjoys sunshine, strong coffee, good books, and hanging out with her dog, Emmitt.


Office Dog

Duke started her career in travel when she realized she could stand on the center console and see where her humans were taking her. She hasn’t stopped navigating for them since, though she can’t figure out why the biggest window in the truck won’t roll down like the rest of them.

Duke’s primary role on the team is adding a dose of adorable to the atmosphere from next to Casey’s desk, but she also contributes the brightest of “good morning” greetings each day, amusing antics, and occasional meeting interruptions with new partners.

Emily Taylor

National Park Outdoor Enthusiast

Emily has been capturing experiences for Visit USA Parks since 2017. Though she’s a Colorado gal at heart, her thirst for travel has taken her to the tip of South America, through the flavors of Southeast Asia, and all over the American West. Her photography and writing make for a colorful re-creation of her adventures. Emily loves deep backcountry explorations and mountain biking the most, but she’s up for anything outdoors!

Whitney James

Adventure Storyteller

With a passion for telling stories about travel and the great outdoors, Whitney is all about creating adventure in our own backyards. Previously the managing editor of Outside Magazine’s Summer Buyer’s Guide, Whitney has also written for publications like REI, Adventure Journal, Huckberry, and beyond. She enjoys inspiring others to travel and shares her outdoor experiences from a relatable, everyday perspective. Based in Colorado and a self-described endorphin junkie, she enjoys pedaling her mountain bike both up and down local trails as well as getting even farther off the beaten path on horseback. Her favorite adventure to date was the time she visited seven national parks in seven days on an epic road trip from Colorado to Nevada, camping at each along the way.

Kurt Box

Back Roads Traveler

Kurt is a Wyoming native, husband, and father. He traverses the paved, unpaved, and barely-there roads of the Rocky Mountain West finding the beauty, spirit, and rascally characters in every place he visits. Kurt is also a primitive survival enthusiast, bushcraft aficionado, and a rock-n-roll drummer.

David Rule

World Explorer, Photographer & Videographer

David is a freelance travel photographer and filmmaker. He’s from the mountain town of Pinedale, Wyoming, but spends most of his days traveling the world. His work has allowed him to visit 12 countries and counting. Aside from photography, some of David’s favorite activities include distance running, cliff jumping, playing trombone, and just about anything outdoors.