Visit USA Parks is a content platform designed to increase awareness for small and mid-size destinations along US national park road trip routes.

America’s national parks have become increasingly popular over the past few decades, especially among international travelers planning United States road trips. The idea behind Visit USA Parks is to harness the interest in parks and public lands to benefit some of the lesser-known destinations around the country while also helping travelers have more authentic and meaningful experiences.

Our Process

Our campaigns begin with a destination assessment. For some campaigns this includes a destination visit by one of our ambassadors. We’ll help identify what’s unique about your destination and also gather insights on what potential visitors are interested in. In addition, we can provide guidance on which international markets may be the best fit for your destination. The findings from the assessment are used to create engaging content that is relevant to the Visit USA Parks audience.

After doing a destination assessment, we’ll create content that is focused on consumer activation. Depending on the campaign type, content created may include stories, itineraries, photos, social media posts and ads, and videos. We also have multilingual support, with the ability to create and translate content for English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese.

When the content is shared and promoted, we monitor performance and make adjustments, keeping the best-performing pieces of content in order to maximize results.

After the campaign completion, we analyze the results and make recommendations and suggestions for future campaigns. Whether it’s gaining deeper insights about target markets, identifying emerging markets, or discovering content performance patterns for a certain market, our goal is to share actionable insights that can help inform future marketing strategy.

Audience Insights & Stats

The Visit USA Parks audience includes both domestic and international (FIT) road trip travelers with interests in nature, outdoor recreation, history, and culture. 


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