Situation & Challenge

A small gambling community located in central Nevada along Interstate 80, West Wendover has been often overlooked. However, it is surrounded by pristine landscapes and interesting history. While West Wendover is often a requisite overnight stay for travelers between California and Utah, most of the visitors do not explore what the community has to offer.


The community approached us upon realizing the opportunity that international travelers have to stay there as they travel between Yosemite and Yellowstone national parks. West Wendover is situated exactly eight hours from each top-tier destination. In our research, Herrmann Global recognized that international visitors enjoy the wide-open spaces of the area, especially the Salt Flats just a few miles from town. With focus on creative and visual storytelling, we tasked our Visit USA Parks ambassadors with exploring the Nevada town on an authentic level and creating inspirational and itinerary-based stories. These three stories offer ideas and specific recommendations for visiting West Wendover, including exploring the Salt Flats, tailored to target international markets.


  • Total reach of 145k potential travelers interested in the off-road outdoor experience
  • Achieved 14% engagement rate, which is significantly higher than the average of 4% engagement
  • 4,930 viewed itinerary-based story as a result of the photos/videos
  • Identified that the audience most interested in extending their stay is Germany/UK/France



Engagement rate