Situation & Challenge

The Dolomites provide a world class outdoor experience to all kinds of travelers wanting to experience the UNESCO world heritage site in the majestic mountains of the Alps. During the pandemic and post-pandemic, marketing priorities shifted between regional and global priorities. Since the escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War, visitation to the Alps has decreased from Eastern European travelers.  At the same time, long distance markets within the US have earned favorable exchange rates and have put Europe as a primary destination to visit in 2023.


Herrmann Global has partnered with Domoliti Superski, a world-class ski resort association with 15 members, to develop a small-budget marketing strategy focused on attracting winter outdoor enthusiasts from North America while leveraging access to IKON passholders. 

In the first phase of this campaign, we utilized our Untraveled platform to understand which niche markets in the US are most likely to visit the Dolomites for a winter experience. Through the creation of a branded itinerary, we promoted longer stays for American travelers and bridged the gap for a better understanding of what it means to be a steward for the outdoors and communities. This inspirational story highlighted the ski communities located throughout the Dolomites that see much less international visitation even though they are IKON Pass accessible ski areas. By applying a comprehensive retargeting strategy, utilizing a combination of Facebook, Instagram, and Google, we were able to track the North American visitor’s planning and booking behavior. 

In the first year, we identified target markets and developed a comprehensive international market strategy that has been cost effective for Dolomiti Superski and their members. As our partnership continues, we plan to optimize campaigns based on the insights gained to encourage year-round visitation with a focus on spring and fall travel.