Partner: Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel, Tusayan, AZ

Situation & Challenge

This unique hotel is family owned and operated just a few miles away from the celebrated South Rim of the Grand Canyon. There is a large volume of domestic and international visitation to the Grand Canyon for one to two nights as part of a vacation of a lifetime; however, the hotel’s lower occupancy rate in the spring, fall, and winter creates a challenge in keeping the Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel open year-round.


Herrmann Global approached this from a research-based point of view. We first set out to learn which markets (local, regional, national, international) would consider staying overnight during the off seasons. By utilizing Facebook posts, retargeting Facebook ads, and a combined Google pay per click campaign, we were able to reach domestic and international consumers that were thinking about a Grand Canyon experience but had not yet planned it yet. We then presented these primed audiences with the recommendation of staying at the Grand Canyon Plaza hotel in the spring, winter, and fall.

Herrmann Global helped us identify key markets and booking behavior from domestic and international travelers ready to visit the Grand Canyon. These efforts impacted our hotel revenue growth by almost 12% year-over-year.

Rich Milliron Revenue Manager - Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel


  • 1,124 incremental bookings were generated between August and December
  • $224k revenue generated via PPC and social retargeting posts
  • $2.53 ad spend per reservation