By Founder and CEO Florian Herrmann

When I traveled around the world in my early 20s, I always appreciated the sincerity of destinations, unique  landscapes, local cuisine, cultural events, and of course great weather. And as a German, I love warm and sunny weather. But that wasn’t everything. That wasn’t the thing that mattered most about my journeys.

I still remember our time on the French coast near Bordeaux like it was yesterday. I am still motivated by the memory of visiting a French farm where the local owners welcomed us into their point of view. They shared their culture and lifestyle, how they thought, and what they did every day to make lives better. This connection has remained deeply important to me. Travel changes the way we see the world.

Travel is nothing less than a cultural exchange where we share values with others, learn from each other, and build an experience we will never forget.

I enjoy doing work that involves tourism because I believe it can make this a better world. But over tourism has had the opposite effect. 

So I decided it is time to take action to combat over tourism and its effects. The Herrmann Global team launched Untraveled in early 2019, and we are thrilled to share this resource with you and travelers around the world.

Head over to the recently-launched website to learn more about our motivations and the work of Untraveled, and stay tuned for the app!

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