Here at Hermann Global, we take a lot of pride in being a think tank and digital marketing leader based in the small mountain town of Lander, Wyoming.

For this reason, Founder and CEO Florian Herrmann and Account Director Adam Bridgeford are heavily invested in the Lander Economic Development Association and its subcommittee Connect Lander. Their goal is to help entrepreneurs and businesses thrive in the Lander community in the same way that Herrmann Global has.

As part of their effort to deliver on the promise of LEDA, the Herrmann Global team hosted a Marketing Meetup with a panel of marketing business owners from the Lander area in the spring of 2019.

More events like this will take place in the rapidly growing offices of Herrmann Global for the good of our community. In the meantime, the video of the event will live on the Herrmann Global facebook page as an enduring resource for fellow businesses.

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