MESA VERDE COUNTRY, COLORADO—An internationally known destination that shares and protects the country’s oldest history and culture has evolved in recent years.

Mesa Verde isn’t just road trippers hauling their big RVs past ancient Puebloan cultures anymore. This destination has risen among the top choices by outdoors-loving millennials, enticing a new wave of spenders into Montezuma County, Colorado. Combine that shift with the world-class Unesco Heritage Site of Mesa Verde National Park, and Mesa Verde Country in Southwest Colorado has a bright opportunity as a destination for young, global travelers.

In the face of such changes in the destination marketing landscape, Mesa Verde Country has contracted Herrmann Global as its digital marketing agency for the past three years and will extend the partnership in 2021. Herrmann Global will execute a digital strategy that optimizes traveler connectivity, remains nimble in the face of the unexpected such as COVID-19, is informed by data, and stands on excellent content creation.

“I am personally thrilled that the Herrmann Global team has brought to us so much knowledge, strategy and creativity in our destination marketing efforts, especially this year with our Ride through Ancient History MTB Campaign that has brought in thousands of responsible travelers who have respected our established COVID safety guidelines. We are seeing significant increase in inbound traffic as travelers from nearby states chose Southwest Colorado as their safe vacation destination,” said Kelly Kirkpatrick, who was recently highlighted among Colorado’s top tourism leaders.

Cortez, Mesa Verde Country in ColoradoHerrmann Global’s strategy focuses on niche audiences that will most appreciate—and respect—the cultural, recreational, and culinary assets of Cortez, Dolores, and Mancos. As an agency based in a small, rural community in Wyoming, Herrmann Global has unique insight into the challenges and opportunities of rural travel destinations. Therefore, the agency has built a long-term, hybrid approach to Mesa Verde Country’s marketing that starts from local perspectives and builds out to internationally minded messaging. Built into a phased, five-year vision, this strategy will help make Mesa Verde Country a leading rural travel community delivering meaningful, bookable experiences.

“I am honored that we can serve this unique global tourism brand,” said Herrmann Global CEO and Founder Florian Herrmann. “It has so much potential in the next few years, not just with domestic travel. We could see Mesa Verde become one of the most popular U.S. destinations for international travelers, especially post pandemic. It is fascinating and inspiring to see how local businesses that invest in tourism make this area one the top destination choices in the American Southwest.”


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