Situation & Challenge

Like so many destinations around the world, Carbon County in southern Wyoming felt the jarring slowdown caused by the impacts of COVID-19. Unlike many places, however, the region was poised to welcome responsible travelers into its comfortably crowd-free communities and its scenic, public landscapes. The challenge facing Herrmann Global was how to best balance informing travelers that Carbon County was a great destination for their 2020 travel goals with advising them to visit responsibly.


Herrmann Global has been a long-term partner to Carbon County, so we devised a strategy to use existing footage, research, and photography from previous years’ campaigns to create a short video, an inspirational story, and an informative itinerary about experiences in the region in late 2020 and early 2021. This approach allowed us to eliminate both the cost and time of a visit from our client’s already challenging and uncertain season. By assigning a writer/photographer and a videographer/producer familiar with the area, we assured the products were accurate and authentic. Our team also worked closely with the community on messaging to develop a reassuring, safe, and accurate representation of the Carbon County experience in upcoming travel seasons.

By leveraging existing assets and digital platforms, Herrmann Global was able to create a library of custom content and begin strategically distributing it in under eight weeks. The next phase was to publish and promote these content pieces. The success of the promotion phase depended on the authentic messaging of the materials. It is only possible to craft meticulous and effective messaging when you have a close, enduring relationship with a client and their destination, as Herrmann Global does with Carbon County. As a result of this experience and authenticity, the responses to the materials during the distribution and promotion phase of the campaign were above average and overwhelmingly positive.








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