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Throughout all of our strategic planning and marketing projects, we rely heavily on research and data to create and share branded stories that matter. Research empowers us to make the best marketing decisions for our clients. Therefore, we created our own reporting analysis to accurately measure the tourism impact of #StoriesThatMatter. Our methodology is to find the GRIPS. In German, grips translates to brains. In your campaign, GRIPS are global revenue insights, performed by sustainability. Our inspiring, responsible content encourages the type of visitation your community wants and needs, and our research and analysis allows us to find ways to continue—and grow—that visitation. The GRIPS methodology applies to both domestic and international marketing and allows us to tailor each campaign to the destination we’re working on behalf of.

What is Herrmann Global Insights?

We partner with industry-leading, GDPR-compliant data providers, and reporting software to uncover the most relevant and digestible information that informs increased visitor spending for our clients. While we understand the value of conversions, we also value diving deeper into understanding why brand conversions occur based on insights from online and offline conversations. We account the following factors as audience conversion:

  1. Someone who has heard about your brand but is unsure of engaging with this experience
  2. Someone who is unaware of your brand but is naturally interested in engaging with this experience

With this in mind, we work with all of our clients to provide the following Herrmann Global Insights:

  • Online Listening & Google Search

We uncover which creative stories will generate online conversations about tourism brands.


  • Digital Campaign Data Leading To Conversion

We refine all relevant results from paid social and digital through segmentation to define a regional and global audience that is most likely to take action on your brand.


  • Conversion Metrics & Sentiment Analysis

We define a path to conversion with all generated leads that may or may not include bookable products from local stakeholders, outfitters, and tour operators.  


All of these components provide our clients with a comprehensive dashboard for measuring—and subsequently continuing to amplify—tourism impact. 

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