Project Manager Internship in Advertising Campaigns (Paid)

Turning into a possible full time position and long-term opportunity after training period
Posted: November 27, 2018

Location: Lander, WY

This internship will be in the core of advertising and marketing with the goal to expand the client portfolio of the company across the United States. We are a fast growing organization and look for a talented professional self-starter to help managing our international social media projects, including marketing, advertising and video production services and custom advertising campaigns to clients in the tourism and hospitality industry. 

For applications, please send resume and cover letter to

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

You will collaborate directly with our local and global team and will include the following elements:

Team Coordination

Assist in connecting our teams, specifically, between journalists, sales departments, and client services. Advertising project managers need to effectively communicate with our teams to set priorities, ensure that project milestones and budget expectations are met, and determine team member expectations across departments. An advertising project manager may also communicate directly with executives to provide progress updates.

Client Communication

You will be tasked with client communications, from initial meetings to determine the scope of a project and a client’s needs and expectations to receiving client feedback on deliverables. Additionally, advertising project managers need to communicate with clients and internal teams as the scope of the project shifts.

Strategic Planning

We want strategic thinkers, able to understand a client’s desired outcomes. This role requires a keen learning curve of our client’s industry  You should have a solid grasp of the client’s environment and be able to identify opportunities to innovate and improve our process.

Time and Personnel Management

You will work with staff members, developing an initial project plan and timeline to ensure that team members and clients understand the expectations. In addition, advertising project managers may identify areas where team members are needed to ensure that project milestones and deliverables are completed according to the schedule.

Advertising Project Manager Skills and Qualifications

Advertising project managers balance direct oversight of ongoing advertising projects with client communications and schedule management. We consider candidates with a bachelor’s degree, experience working for an advertising agency or the tourism industry and the following skills:

  • Project management – to ensure that they can take an active learning role in project development on a day-to-day basis
  • Personnel oversight – because they coordinate the activities of cross-functional teams, project managers should also have a firm grasp of personnel management principles and practices
  • Scheduling and planning – setting project schedules and timelines is a major part of the advertising project manager’s role, requiring attention to detail and the ability to plan multiple, concurrent projects
  • Written and verbal communication – advertising project managers frequently communicate with team members, clients, and contractors.

About Herrmann Global

Redefining Travel & Hospitality Marketing
259 W Main Street, Suite 201
Lander, WY 82520

We are an innovative branding, marketing and publishing think tank located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  We live and breathe our passion for experience-based travel, explore global destinations large and small. Together with stakeholders, we develop plans and tactics to amplify a unique and superior visitor experience utilizing the latest trends in technology and digital, mobile and social media. Our core business is influencer marketing, social media campaigns and video production.

Our mission is to deliver digital solutions, that will “inspire and enable consumers traveling worldwide with a purpose while sharing their digital journeys”. After 18 years of hard work in global hospitality service, travel publishing and destination branding we have seen what motivates leisure and business travelers today: a unique destination snapshot of their personal story they can share. 

In a world with global competition, instant access, endless choices and social amplification travel brands today rise and fall quickly, based on their successful or unsuccessful promise to deliver this story to their core audience. We call it the Digital Age Of Superior Experiences where only a unique, relevant, authentic and visual connection will result in the absolute brand affinity.

Skill Requirements for all Herrmann Global positions

  • Care more: exceptional customer service skills
  • Curiosity: a high level of interest in constantly learning new things
  • Problem solving: ability to identify and understand problems and willingness to solve them
  • Sensitivity: a high level of awareness for the needs of colleagues, clients and the Herrmann Global business
  • A global perspective and understanding of different cultures (ideally obtained through travel)